Hood Scoop Installation

Installation Instructions
Please follow the installation instructions provided with your purchase for optimum results.

Caution: Prior to starting the install, wash and dry vehicle, then allow surface temperature to warm to 70 degrees. This 70 degree surface temperature is necessary for the proper adhesion of the tape. Cold surface temperatures can result in the part becoming loose and falling off vehicle.

Hood Scoop Installation (both Universal and Custom Fit)

Step 1
– Center part over the cowl vent and determine which direction and location you like. Use a couple pieces of masking tape to mark the corners and guide your final installation.

Step 2 – Peel the tape liner back about 1″ from each segment of tape. It’s advisable to peel the liner from all ends so if one piece is torn, you’ll have the other end to use. Fold the 1″ piece of liner so the end is angled outward from the edge.

Step 3 – Clean the area where the part will be mounted using the enclosed alcohol wipe. Align the part with your masking tape-marked corner locations and press the exposed tape corners to the cowl surface.

Step 4 – Gently hold the part in place and pull the tape liner lead outward slowly to expose the complete tape surface to the cowl. Follow this procedure for all taped edges.

Step 5 – After all tape liner has been removed, carefully apply rubbing pressure to the flange surface to ensure complete contact with all taped surfaces to the cowl panel.

Tape will achieve best bond over a 24 hour period and should be left untouched during this time. Do not wash vehicle or allow any water to come into contact with the installation area.